dushman se nijat ka qurani wazifa

Voodoo doll

It is one of the most powerful sectors of black magic. The diversion of this subsection is quite high. It contains a high conceptional effect on human society. Although it is a very effective phenomenon of black magic. It is used for the most optional attorney of a wish. Black magic specialists do not perform voodoo doll spells easily. It’s applicable when the desired rate of a wish leads to a high ratio. It is a very high spiritual working sensation which lays a great effect on both sides. It doesn’t matter you are the applier or a victim it may harm both of you in very great criteria Dushman ko zair karny ki dua.

The voodoo doll procedures lie on a worthy niche. It is the most prominent procedure of black magic. In this procedure, you have to take a doll and customize it like your victim. You may need the hairs of your victim. Moreover, he used cloth pieces and that all. Firstly have a voodoo doll and stick the hairs at the top. After that, make pieces of his uses cloth and stick it up !! by this innovation your desire is to harm your victim. So you have to place pins in the body of that doll.

Symptoms of voodoo doll procedures.

  • To feel pain in the body.
  • Itching in body parts.
  • Vomiting
  • Head-ache.
  • Feel drops of blood on your clothes.
  • Sudden water drops on the face.
  • Voodoo magic victim’s health will lead towards a swearing disorder.
  • Swear depression and anxiety.
  • You can usually hair diffreant kind of voices.
  • Feel that someone has chocked your neck.

Why voodoo doll magic performed ??

There are diffreant kinds of voodoo doll magics which are performed for the seeking of diffreant kinds of desire.

  1. Making pain or harm someone…
  2. To bind a person voodoo doll magic is also performed.
  3. This process is also performed to love someone. And force him/her to love you back.
  4. Witch crafting curse may also lead to voodoo doll magic.
  5. This procedure is also done in a state of jealousy to bind someone’s business.
  6. The voodoo doll is also used to destroy or ruin someone.

When this kind of procedure is performed it harms one in this state he/she is in such a pain that they think that’s it’s their last day!!

Black magic to control mind

Have you heard about mind control? It is the most denominated black magic sector. The main motto to perform this sector is to rule on someone’s mind. Do you know the main reason to perform mind control? Although it’s not specified reason by 90% of the rule it is used to force someone to think about him. In a case, if you love someone with all your might. Each wish and each feeling of yours are devoted to love that one. But still, he/she doesn’t love you back. So that’s the reason that indulges you to perform the mind control. Yeah !! you can perform this method just to indulge your self in a keening sector of life.

 Symptoms of mind control.

  • He continues a headache.
  • Self-devotion
  • All-day thinking on the same issue.
  • Mental disorder.
  • Depression & Anxiety.

You don’t need to worry !! there is always a solution to your problems. So your every issue can be solved. Even though black magic can also fight to remove black magic as well.

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